Wednesday, February 25, 2009


When Jerry got home on Tuesday night he loved the new storage on the garage landing and agrees that we should add another long 4 tier basket. I like when things work out that way and we both agree on things like that.

We got a sad call yesterday from Jer's mom. Jer's aunt Judy was being taken off her life support in the evening. She had been in an induced coma because she was having problems with her transplanted heart. Her anti-rejection drugs weren't working and she developed pnemonia. Anyway, she was doing better and they were trying to wake her up from the coma, but she was too weak. There was nothing else to be done, so her son and granddaughter decided to pull the plug on the life support. I feel really bad for my Mother-in-law, because she and Aunt Judy were close. They were sisters-in-law. I do think it's amazing that she lived as long as she did. She has always had a weak heart, but was able to have a transplant 7 years ago. What a miracle that she lived so much longer then was expected.

Other then those events yesterday, I can't say that I have too much more going on in my world.

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