Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Time To Organize

Today I organized the cupboard above my stove. Yay! It was getting really full and everytime I opened it something fell out at me. You see the cabinet above my stove is where I keep all my spices and baking goods. In the past I tried to keep spices on one side and baking stuff on the other, but it's been getting pretty mixed up.To get the organization started I put the two racks on the doors.

This is the spice side.

This is the baking and bottle side.

I am very pleased with the finished project.

Next, this is the view looking into my garage. Now that we have a Sam's Club membership there's lots of extra cans and boxes of things, so I got this 4 tiered shelf and it works great. I am thinking that I might need another one with deeper shelves to hold TP and paper towel overflow.
Not having a job has turned me into the happy homemaker. I cook for the hubbins ever night, and even bake cookies and breads, and things that I have never made before. I also clip coupons, and make shopping lists. It's quite the transformation. I'm sure it will go back to normal again once I rejoin the world of the employed.

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