Thursday, September 23, 2010


Our little girl starts gymnastics lessons tonight.  She is extremely excited.  I told her on Monday as we were getting into the car after I picked her up at school.  She screamed so loud that everyone on the playground must have thought I was kidnapping her or something.  It's a good thing I had gotten out of the car and talked to her teacher before we left, so at least they would know I wasn't doing anything illegal.  In the car she couldn't hold still and was bouncing on the see.  Then she said something a bit disturbing.  "Hurry up and get home, I need to break something."  -huh?
So, it seems that she has a problem redirecting good energy/emotions as well as the bad emotions.  I helped her through it and offered her options to this excitement and need to break something.  She jumped around in the yard until she fell down and had to rest .
A little bit of disappointment, because she's coming down with a cold, but I am hoping she can still enjoy herself and is not feeling too bad  when I pick her up from school.

Friday, September 17, 2010


I want to apologize to everyone that I have been gone so long.  I will make a more lengthy update later.  All is alright with us.  We have much news to report.  Gigi was able to spend some time with her sister Hope a few weeks back.  We have also been able to spend some time with our Duluth family and a bunch of our friends.  School is going well so far.  She's happy with her class and her teacher, but is having some problems with disrespectful behavior that bleeds into our home life as well.  She just started back with Girl Scouts and was thrilled to catch up with all her friends.  More to follow...