Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Little Disappointments

Well, today we got a call from our social worker with disappointing news. All the children that we submitted our homestudy for have been placed with relatives or tribe members. She did have news of another little girl that we are definatly interested in. She's 2 years old, soon to be 3 in October. Some other good news is that we have scheduled another flyer meeting where we will meet with our social worker and go through all the waiting children in the state.
It's disappointing that we weren't a match for any of the children we were interested in. It just wasn't ment to be I guess.

In other news I am fighting a cold that has been hanging on for a week now. It just gets slightly worse every day. I just wish it would go away already. I am supposed to have my next infusion soon and I can't be sick for that or I will have to reschedule. ugh.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Over the past few weekends, here's what I've been up to

A family friend got married and I took the photos. It was a really lovely wedding held on a beach with the reception on a boat. It couldn't have been more beautiful.

Labor Day weekend we spent relaxing at a friend's cabin. We had a really great time and I hope we will be able to make it next year if they have it.

I went up to my Dads to take my brother Patrick's senior pictures. He's getting so grown up, I remember when he was a little guy toddling around.
Now, this weekend we are having our niece and nephew over. We are going to try and take them fishing. That should be fun. I hope that we can find the fish.