Friday, June 27, 2008

The Osowskis

The Osowskis, originally uploaded by gemjlo.

Our trip to NYC and Boston was fantastic. We had such a great time. I am in the process of editing my 1200 photos , but when I am done, I will share the whole story with you, with pictures.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Manic Monday

It's just another manic monday. I think this whole week is going to be a blur. DH and I will be on a flight to New York this thursday and I know the next few days are going to be busy with preporations for the trip. While in NY we are planning on going to a Yankees game, to see the statue of liberty, ground zero, and hopefully some other fun stuff. On Saturday we will be driving up to Boston for two days. While ther we are going to tour the Freedom trail and go to a Red Sox game. I just hope we haven't tried to pack too much into a five day trip. DH likes to be one the go so I am sure he will have no problem, it's just a matter of me keeping up.
Over the weekend I did all the laundry and cleaned up the house a bit. Tonight, I will mow the lawn. Tomorrow, I will start packing. Wednesday, I think I'm gonna just spend the night babying my pets because I am sure they are going to miss us terribly. I know that I will certainly miss them a bunch. It will be strange not having a wet puppy kiss to wake me up in the morning, but maybe I will be able to sleep later, and that would be nice.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Some days I feel just like this

Some days I feel just like this. I imagine that children in fostercare probably feel the same way. This little guy is one of my mom's puppies. You can't see it but, but he has 7 other brothers and sisters waiting for a home as well.
They are so cute and cuddley and I just want to take them all home with me, but I know that with a puppy comes a lot of work and issues. But they are all worth it in the end aren't they? They give so much love and joy.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Last night, I was sitting on the couch at 9:00pm when I realized that I hadn't thought about our adoption process all day. For so many days over the past year, it's been obsessively in my thoughts, so it was a weird realization to think that I hadn't mulled over an aspect of it all day. Daily, I check blogs of others who are waiting to adopt, or have already had their children placed with them. I went through that same routine yesterday, and not even then did I think about our process. I was curious to see what other people were up to. Weird that it didn't lead me to thoughts of children I might have.

I think today that I might send my SW a little e-mail to check on the status of our homestudy report. It has been a month since we finished up our interviews, so she should have had a chance to get started on our paperwork.

Last night we also got most of our travel reservations taken care of for our trip to New York and Boston that's right around the corner. It's strange to think that it's only a week away. I am looking forward to flying with my husband for the first time, and getting away from work for the first time since I started this job last August.

Friday, June 6, 2008

All I have to say is TGIF

MeMe 6/6/2008

Meme 06-06-2008
I am: exhausted
I think: I could try harder at work
I know: I will be seeing The Hulk this weekend
I want: To not be sleepy
I hate: That my puppy isn’t housebroken yet
I miss: My childhood
I fear: losing my mind
I feel: overwhelmed with choices
I hear: air coming through the vents in the ceiling
I smell: my gum
I crave: anything sweet
I search for: inspiration
I regret: not doing things I want to because I’m shy
I love: my husband
I ache: mostly over my entire body
I care: about my family
I always: pray before I go to bed
I am not: skinny
I believe: in miracles
I sing: in the car with all the windows down
I cry: over stupid things
I fight: when things are frustrating
I win: when it doesn’t matter
I lose: when it does matter
I never: eat broccoli
I listen: to music a lot
I can usually be found: in my garden or on my couch
I am scared: of snakes, alligators, so you will never see me move down south
I need: an hour of peace and quiet after work each day
I am happy about: lots of things
I hope: to be a mommy soon

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Last weekend My sis and I went to help my Dad, step-mom, and my brothers unpack and get settled into thier new house. Although it was a busy day filled with boxes of stuff searching for a new home, and the newspaper explosion of unpacking, I had a very good time. It's nice to spend time with them because I feel like part of a real family when I'm there.
After my parents divorced when I was young, I lived with my mom and sis. Mom had a crazy lifestyle working nights as a waitress, never having any money to speak of, always wanting for affection and stability. We had so many babysitters, and we spent a lot of time with my grandparents.
When we were alone with my grandparents things were good, but if mom was around too, there always seemed to be tension. It must be why I am anxious all the time now. We saw my dad on the weekends sometimes, and that was stressful too, because at that point I was close to mom and knew how she felt about him.
Now that I am grown and see my parents as adults I understand their personalities and the dynamics of the lives that they live. I love them both, but I sometimes wish I had grown up living with my dad instead of my mom. As I get older and become closer to having kids of my own, I wish that dad and my Duluth family didn't live so far away.