Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Last weekend My sis and I went to help my Dad, step-mom, and my brothers unpack and get settled into thier new house. Although it was a busy day filled with boxes of stuff searching for a new home, and the newspaper explosion of unpacking, I had a very good time. It's nice to spend time with them because I feel like part of a real family when I'm there.
After my parents divorced when I was young, I lived with my mom and sis. Mom had a crazy lifestyle working nights as a waitress, never having any money to speak of, always wanting for affection and stability. We had so many babysitters, and we spent a lot of time with my grandparents.
When we were alone with my grandparents things were good, but if mom was around too, there always seemed to be tension. It must be why I am anxious all the time now. We saw my dad on the weekends sometimes, and that was stressful too, because at that point I was close to mom and knew how she felt about him.
Now that I am grown and see my parents as adults I understand their personalities and the dynamics of the lives that they live. I love them both, but I sometimes wish I had grown up living with my dad instead of my mom. As I get older and become closer to having kids of my own, I wish that dad and my Duluth family didn't live so far away.

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