Friday, May 28, 2010

Finalization Day

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We finally have our day in court! I will legally be a mommy after next Thursday at 9:30am. I can't believe that we were schedule so quickly. Our worker just made the appointment yesterday, and prepared us that it could be a coulple of weeks yet, but it turned out they can get us in next week. Sweet...

We told LG yesterday, and she was very quiet. I let her know that although we are really excited an happy, that we know it means something totally different for her, and that it was alright if she isn't happy and excited. She later told us that she's a little nervous about the whole thing, but I already knew that she would be.

We have invited all her grandparents to come to court with us on Thursday. Since it's so soon, we didn't know if any of them could come. They all want to come, and are trying to find ways to make it work. I hope they can come.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Road Trippin'

This weekend my family is celebrating a milestone in my little brother’s life. He’s graduating from high school. Next year he will be off to college and I will probably never see him. Not only does he live 3 hours away, but we have never really been close because he’s 16 years younger then me. I hope that as he gets older that we will get closer because we will have more in common being adults, like most siblings as they get older.

So, this means that we are off on another road trip up North! This time we are taking our new truck. Yep, you heard me right we got a new truck on Saturday of last week. It’s a brand spanking new Chevy Silverado. I shouldn’t have to mention how excited my husband is that he now has a new vehicle to drive to work, a remote starter, onStar, automatic windows, and heat for the winter. I am looking forward to the drive up North because I have barley ridden in it since we got it. I am excited to show it off to my family too.

LG is excited to go see her grandma and grandpa Mickelson. She loves to bake with Grandma Kathy and asked already if they would be making rice crispy treats this weekend. I’m glad that she has a good time with my parents and my brothers, because she can be a stinker when she’s bored. My brothers want to take her fishing this weekend too. She’s never been before, but grandma and grandpa gave her a pole for Christmas cause were a fishin’ family. It’s only fair that they take her for the first time. I wonder how she will be catching a fish. I’m prepared for squeals and yips.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting out the Door on Time

It's my husband's job to get LG our the door each morning, but the hubs is having problems.  He continues to be late because of her morning antics.  If it's not that she decideds to paint her nails at the last minute spilling polish on the counter, or forgets to have her assignment notebook signed until it's time to walk out the door, then it's falling back to sleep after being awoken and taking her sweet time to get ready. 

You see, Jerry loves his sleep and is often known to hit the snooze button for a whole hour trying to put off the inevitable.  Unfortunatly, LG has the same attitude about sleep.  I have begun to wake her up before I leave in the morning, but it doesn't seem to be helping.  I guess I will have to be more diligent, and prepared.  I think I will have to start having her lay out her clothes the night before, and get her backpack packed up before hitting the pillow.  I know this is also going to be difficult, because it's hard to get her in bed on time everynight as well.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day

I had a very nice inaugural Mother's Day.  My husband and daughter made me a breakfest of eggs and toast shaped into a heart.  Then I opened my gift from LG and a card from both.  LG made me a clay rose affixed to a bathroom tile that looks like marble.  It's really sweet.  I put it directly into my china hutch for safe keeping.  The rest of the day was very relaxing.  We spent the evening at my mom's house where we BBQ'd and played with her cats and dogs.

We got some news yesterday that we are only waiting on one piece of paperwork to come back from the state, and then we will get to setup our finalization.  It will be on a Thursday morning, as all adoptions are finalized in hennepin county on that day.  They say that we can invite whomever we want.  I wonder how LG will feel about that.  She doesn't particularly like the idea of being adopted because it means having a new last name.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Birthday Party etc.

LG has been invited to a birthday party for a girl in her girl scout troop/class.  She will be picked up from school and I won't see her until 8:00pm.  I haven't had time to myself after school in such a long time.  I am looking forward to it.  I know that she is looking forward to it as well.

I am glad that she's able to have these normal "kid" experiences.  I wish we could find a hobby for her.  She does like to ride her bike, but that's it.  She doesn't like to read, or color, or even play Wii anymore.  It's weird.

Last night when we went to the store to buy a gift for her friend we stopped in the card section for a birthday card, and I also picked out a Mother's Day Card for my mom.  I asked LG if she would like to pick out some cards for her grandma's for mother's day and she was so excited.  She hand picked one for each of them.  We then went home and signed them, and addressed the two that she will not see Sunday.  I am glad to have the opportunity to let her express herself to her new family.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Very Productive Evening

Last night was a very productive night. LG didn’t have any math homework, which meant I could get to my chores right after we got home. First, I mowed the back yard and picked up the little brown gifts left in the grass from the dogs. After that, I clipped some lilacs from the bushes in my backyard and filled two vases. Then, I cleaned my kitchen (including throwing out the expired stuff in the fridge) and did dishes. After that I cleaned the dining room, where all kinds of things get piled on the table. Then, I swept the floors and made dinner. LG even picked up her room before heading out to play with a little girl from down the block. Jerry couldn’t believe how much I had gotten done after work. I was very proud of myself. I am going through a non clutter phase right now, and any little pile of stuff really bothers me. I dunno what causes this, but I am glad it does or our house would look like something off the show ‘Hoarders’.

Another achievement from last night happened when LG got mad at me and yelled under her breath as she was walking away.  I told her she was NEVER to talk to me that way again.  She walked outside, but then came back in and said she was sorry for yelling at me.  WIN for MOM!  I am glad that we are making some progress.  She never says she's sorry.  Now, to just get her to stop talking back and griping under her breath in the first place.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bad News

I got some bummer news yesterday.  My job will be ending next Friday.  It was only a temp job, but they were hoping that it was going to go permanent, and unfortunatly, things have slowed down and they no longer need to keep me on. 

This means that I will have another summer looking for work.  I guess we will save some money on daycare, and I will be able to spend lots of time with our little girl, but the income would be nice.  We were just starting to be able to do projects around the house that we have been putting having extra money from me working.  We are no means hurting for anything, but it just means that the extras that we are used to will be going away again.

I know that noone likes interviewing for jobs, but I just have to say that I HATE it and I am not looking forward to going through it again.  We haven't told LG because I am not sure how much it will affect her and I don't want her to worry about anything.

Monday, May 3, 2010

How do you teach a 10 year old social skills?

Evidently, the way I have been going about it is not sinking in because LG is having big problems.  Case in point, over the weekend she had a friend overnight on Saturday.  This is a friend that she has had since she moved into our home.  They must have gotten in at least 5 tiffs.  I classify these as times when LGs friend didn't do what LG wanted her to do, and LG skulked off in a huff and left this girl behind.  Jerry and I both try and help walk her through how to deal with fights with friends.  That's not the only thing that has come up concerning social skills.

She also doesn't know phone ettiquite, what's appropriate in public, and being a gracious host. This weekend I don't know how many times I had to tell her that something was not appropriate.  She had a friend stop by, and she asked the friend in a snotty way, "Why are you here."   I know that she's learning, but why doesn't she understand that if her friend came over she wants to play, or spend time with her.  I feel like the things we are telling her are not sinking in.  I guess time will tell, but I hope that she learns, because it gets a bit embarrassing sometimes. 

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  We have gotten her into girl scouts, and try to let her interact with friends and family as much as possible, but it's almost like people don't hold her to the same standard because they know about her situation.  I wish they would treat her like the would treat other children behaving the way she does, so that she would learn.

It doesn't help that I was brought up to have excellent manners by my grandmother and all other adults.  Now, I have no patience for bad manners.