Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Very Productive Evening

Last night was a very productive night. LG didn’t have any math homework, which meant I could get to my chores right after we got home. First, I mowed the back yard and picked up the little brown gifts left in the grass from the dogs. After that, I clipped some lilacs from the bushes in my backyard and filled two vases. Then, I cleaned my kitchen (including throwing out the expired stuff in the fridge) and did dishes. After that I cleaned the dining room, where all kinds of things get piled on the table. Then, I swept the floors and made dinner. LG even picked up her room before heading out to play with a little girl from down the block. Jerry couldn’t believe how much I had gotten done after work. I was very proud of myself. I am going through a non clutter phase right now, and any little pile of stuff really bothers me. I dunno what causes this, but I am glad it does or our house would look like something off the show ‘Hoarders’.

Another achievement from last night happened when LG got mad at me and yelled under her breath as she was walking away.  I told her she was NEVER to talk to me that way again.  She walked outside, but then came back in and said she was sorry for yelling at me.  WIN for MOM!  I am glad that we are making some progress.  She never says she's sorry.  Now, to just get her to stop talking back and griping under her breath in the first place.


Jacky said...

I think the fact that she grumbles at you is a good sign. It means she is comfortable with you. Sometimes kids are like angels because they don't want to be sent away. The fact that she can be herself is a good thing!!

Gretchen Osowski said...

I guess, I never thought about that. Thanks Jacky.