Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day

I had a very nice inaugural Mother's Day.  My husband and daughter made me a breakfest of eggs and toast shaped into a heart.  Then I opened my gift from LG and a card from both.  LG made me a clay rose affixed to a bathroom tile that looks like marble.  It's really sweet.  I put it directly into my china hutch for safe keeping.  The rest of the day was very relaxing.  We spent the evening at my mom's house where we BBQ'd and played with her cats and dogs.

We got some news yesterday that we are only waiting on one piece of paperwork to come back from the state, and then we will get to setup our finalization.  It will be on a Thursday morning, as all adoptions are finalized in hennepin county on that day.  They say that we can invite whomever we want.  I wonder how LG will feel about that.  She doesn't particularly like the idea of being adopted because it means having a new last name.

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