Friday, May 21, 2010

Road Trippin'

This weekend my family is celebrating a milestone in my little brother’s life. He’s graduating from high school. Next year he will be off to college and I will probably never see him. Not only does he live 3 hours away, but we have never really been close because he’s 16 years younger then me. I hope that as he gets older that we will get closer because we will have more in common being adults, like most siblings as they get older.

So, this means that we are off on another road trip up North! This time we are taking our new truck. Yep, you heard me right we got a new truck on Saturday of last week. It’s a brand spanking new Chevy Silverado. I shouldn’t have to mention how excited my husband is that he now has a new vehicle to drive to work, a remote starter, onStar, automatic windows, and heat for the winter. I am looking forward to the drive up North because I have barley ridden in it since we got it. I am excited to show it off to my family too.

LG is excited to go see her grandma and grandpa Mickelson. She loves to bake with Grandma Kathy and asked already if they would be making rice crispy treats this weekend. I’m glad that she has a good time with my parents and my brothers, because she can be a stinker when she’s bored. My brothers want to take her fishing this weekend too. She’s never been before, but grandma and grandpa gave her a pole for Christmas cause were a fishin’ family. It’s only fair that they take her for the first time. I wonder how she will be catching a fish. I’m prepared for squeals and yips.