Friday, May 28, 2010

Finalization Day

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We finally have our day in court! I will legally be a mommy after next Thursday at 9:30am. I can't believe that we were schedule so quickly. Our worker just made the appointment yesterday, and prepared us that it could be a coulple of weeks yet, but it turned out they can get us in next week. Sweet...

We told LG yesterday, and she was very quiet. I let her know that although we are really excited an happy, that we know it means something totally different for her, and that it was alright if she isn't happy and excited. She later told us that she's a little nervous about the whole thing, but I already knew that she would be.

We have invited all her grandparents to come to court with us on Thursday. Since it's so soon, we didn't know if any of them could come. They all want to come, and are trying to find ways to make it work. I hope they can come.

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Mermaid said...

that is fantastic! I am so happy for you.