Monday, October 25, 2010

Gone to Soon

Shyla and Madisyn
On October 19th my nephew's and his girlfriend, who was 39 weeks pregnant got into a car accident.  My nephew Josh was driving and they were T-boned on her side of the car.  She and the baby died at the scene.  My nephew had only cuts and bruises, and the 16 year-old-boy that hit them walked away with no injuries at all.  They were planning to get married.  She had just finished school for her CNA and the week before.  They had so much to live for and it was all taken away in a moment.  It just doesn't seem fair.

His life has been full of so much tragedy and loss.  He's 24 now, but when he moved into our home he was 14.  He and his brothers and sisters were taken away from their mom by the county and we and other aunts and uncles assumed the responsibility of raising them.  When he lived with us he did well, but once he turned 18 he moved out and never finished high school.  He's got learning disabilities and social problems do to his childhood, but Shyla saw past all that.  She was able to see the caring, loving, great guy he is.  We always said how great she was for him.

Today, Shyla and Madisyn were buried with family members in a small cemetery in Central Minnesota.  I worry how Josh will ever heal from this devastating loss, but I know the pain will ebb eventually, and I am determined to do everything I can to help and I know my husband will to.