Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fishing with Uncle Jerry

Fishing with Uncle Jerry, originally uploaded by gemjlo.

We had a great time on our trip to Missouri. We brought Naz and Tekaija with and had many special moments with them. Although, by the end of the trip we had a few problems it was well worth it. I miss them now that they aren't with us anymore.
While in Missouri we went fishing, and little guy wanted to fish with uncle Jerry and it was really cute watching him try and fish with an adult pole(we didn't have a child sized one with us). In the end all he really wanted to do was cast and reel. It didn't matter if he had bait on or not. It makes me crave children of my own even more. There were so many moments where all TK and Naz wanted was to be held or cuddled by me, or wanted to show me something they found exciting. I can't wait for moments with my own kids like that.
I will tell you more about my trip when I have more time, but I felt like I should give you a little update!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Road Trip

Tomorrow Jerry and I will be leaving on our annual trip to Missouri to visit Jerry’s sister Angee and her family. I look forward to this trip because I miss them. Jerry and I rented a house with Angee and her husband Mike for a few years, then when we bought our house, they moved in with us for a couple years. We did a lot of things together, and when they moved to Missouri I cried for days because a part of me was gone. So, we have made it an annual trip we never miss. Now, Mike’s daughter Kali lives with them. She’s 17 and I will be taking her senior pictures this year. I can’t believe that she’s getting so old. Time goes by so quickly. They also have a little boy who’s name is also Michael, like his daddy. He’s so cute, but I have missed so much of his life I am anxious to scoop him up and hug him. In December, Angee will have another little boy. I think we will have to make a special trip down in the winter to meet him. I don’t think I can wait another year. Another reason why I like this trip is because we drive. This year is the first where it’s just going to be myself and Jerry. In the past we have always had someone with us. It will make the experience different, but I think maybe more relaxing too. While down in Sikeston, we will surely visit Lamberts. It’s an amazing Southern restaurant that has down home southern cooking where they throw rolls when your raise your arms. We will also probably venture 45 minutes Northwest to Lake Wapapello, which is a manmade lake that’s as warm as a bathtub, but its fun all the same. Jerry and Mike like to fish, and the kids like to play in the water. Sikeston also has an outlet mall, which we always visit, as well as a flea market. We will also be having a BBQ. Just thinking about it makes salivate. The point of this description is to say that I might not be blogging for a week or so because Angee only has dialup internet, and I’m not sure that I will be patient enough to blog, but maybe we can find a coffee shop with free wifi, and in that case I will.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Championship Trophy

IMG_0194 copy, originally uploaded by gemjlo.

Today was our fantasy football draft. We now have a trophy and every past winner got thier photo taken with the cup. Although, I haven't won in 4 years. I am proud to say that I have in fact won over 10 boys. There are 2 girls in the league, me and another. Although we are outnumbered, we hold our own.
If we are blessed with a girl, when we adopt, I want to teach her that she can do anything that she puts her mind to. I want her to know that it's alright to be yourself, and not to be intimidated by boys. They are after all just people too. Besides, it's really fun to show them up, especially when they aren't expecting it out of you.
And, if we are blessed with a boy, I want to teach him never to underestimate what a girl can do. He will need to know that it's totally acceptable in todays world to expect girls to be able to do whatever boys can do.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekend up Nor'd'

Lounging, originally uploaded by gemjlo.

I spent the weekend with my Sister Mel and her boyfriend, and my dad and the family. It was a bunch of fun. Friday night we had dinner and a bonfire. It was nice to sit and chat, since we don't see eachother very often. The night ended with a game of SORRY(the board game) and a bowl of ice cream with all the toppings.
Saturday and Sunday we mostly spent fishing. Saturday, the girls took home the most fish, which Jerry and I filleted, and we fried them up for breakfest. They were so yummy. Sunday, we fished some more and my little brothers, dad, and Jerry finally got a chance to catch some fish of their own.
We fished on Island Lake, it's a manmade lake owned by Northern State Power. It's full of HUGE rocks etc. But, at least there was nice weather, and fish to catch.
Tullah and Trouble, my pups did a great job with Dad's 3 dogs. I expected more tiffs, but all in all, not to bad. Of course Tullah got car sick on the way up and on the way home. Now, I have to scrub my backseat. Just more practice I guess for life with kids.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my employment at my current job. Yep, to me it’s a job. It’s not a career because it’s not a field really. I am a support analyst. I guess you could say being an analyst is a career, but for me it’s work.
My tendencies have always been artistic. But, for the cash I have denied a HUGE part of myself in search of the almighty dollar. I want a comfortable life, a good home, and to be able to travel, and to give my future children things I didn’t have when I was growing up.
Everything I had ever learned about artists is that they are always poor, and must be supported by a benefactor, better known as a husband if said artist is a woman. My role model, my grandmother and a wonderful artist was. Of course, that’s because she was married in the forties and women just didn’t work. She was fiercely independent though, and had my grandfathers family not been very traditional in that regard I believe she would have.
I too am very independent, and since I was brought up in modern times, I have been allowed to make my own way. It’s really expected these days that a woman have her own career. It’s really begun to sink in that I have sacrificed a great deal fitting into that mold.
When I am not at work I spend most of my time drawing, taking photos, and gardening. I read books that transport me to new worlds. I create necklaces and purses, and I knit booties and sweaters. The list goes on and on. I wish that I could spend my days making ugly things beautiful, or turning a blank canvas into a work of art.
In a lot of ways my grandmother was blessed that she was able to spend so much time on her art, and that my grandfather nurtured her calling. I do wonder though, how much of a burden it was to not have the independence she longed for.
Last month I enrolled in a graphic design program; It happens to be what I was going to do right out of high school. Thinking back, I should have followed my original plan. Maybe I would love my career these days instead of toiling away at a job counting the days until I can do what I should have done.
I suppose most people have the same feeling about what they do, or could have done. I am not naive enough to think I am alone.
Here’s to hoping that next year, I will not be reciting the same rant.

Monday, August 4, 2008


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Over the weekend we were blessed to have the kidlets to our house. They came over on Friday night and left on Sunday. It's always so fun to have them in the house. It feels more alive and active. We play and laugh. We do things like a "family", and I love to see the way that DH is with them. He's so protective and loving in a fatherly way. It's neat to see that aspect of his personality that I don't see very often.
On Saturday the kids wanted to run through the sprinkler. It was hot outside, and it was the perfect way to cool down. Tekaija loved the sprinkler, running and jumping, but little Naz was more hesitant. He wouldn't go through on his own. That ment that I had to go with him. I wasn't expecting to get wet so I wasn't dressed appropriatly, but it didn't matter, I hoisted him to my holders, and we all ran through the sprinkler. I got soaked in my t-shirt and khaki shorts. Naz barely got hils little toes wet. He laughed and giggled though, and it seemed like he had a good time. It brought me back to my childhood running through the sprinkler on the very same lawn when I was a child.