Monday, August 4, 2008


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Over the weekend we were blessed to have the kidlets to our house. They came over on Friday night and left on Sunday. It's always so fun to have them in the house. It feels more alive and active. We play and laugh. We do things like a "family", and I love to see the way that DH is with them. He's so protective and loving in a fatherly way. It's neat to see that aspect of his personality that I don't see very often.
On Saturday the kids wanted to run through the sprinkler. It was hot outside, and it was the perfect way to cool down. Tekaija loved the sprinkler, running and jumping, but little Naz was more hesitant. He wouldn't go through on his own. That ment that I had to go with him. I wasn't expecting to get wet so I wasn't dressed appropriatly, but it didn't matter, I hoisted him to my holders, and we all ran through the sprinkler. I got soaked in my t-shirt and khaki shorts. Naz barely got hils little toes wet. He laughed and giggled though, and it seemed like he had a good time. It brought me back to my childhood running through the sprinkler on the very same lawn when I was a child.

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