Monday, August 18, 2008

Road Trip

Tomorrow Jerry and I will be leaving on our annual trip to Missouri to visit Jerry’s sister Angee and her family. I look forward to this trip because I miss them. Jerry and I rented a house with Angee and her husband Mike for a few years, then when we bought our house, they moved in with us for a couple years. We did a lot of things together, and when they moved to Missouri I cried for days because a part of me was gone. So, we have made it an annual trip we never miss. Now, Mike’s daughter Kali lives with them. She’s 17 and I will be taking her senior pictures this year. I can’t believe that she’s getting so old. Time goes by so quickly. They also have a little boy who’s name is also Michael, like his daddy. He’s so cute, but I have missed so much of his life I am anxious to scoop him up and hug him. In December, Angee will have another little boy. I think we will have to make a special trip down in the winter to meet him. I don’t think I can wait another year. Another reason why I like this trip is because we drive. This year is the first where it’s just going to be myself and Jerry. In the past we have always had someone with us. It will make the experience different, but I think maybe more relaxing too. While down in Sikeston, we will surely visit Lamberts. It’s an amazing Southern restaurant that has down home southern cooking where they throw rolls when your raise your arms. We will also probably venture 45 minutes Northwest to Lake Wapapello, which is a manmade lake that’s as warm as a bathtub, but its fun all the same. Jerry and Mike like to fish, and the kids like to play in the water. Sikeston also has an outlet mall, which we always visit, as well as a flea market. We will also be having a BBQ. Just thinking about it makes salivate. The point of this description is to say that I might not be blogging for a week or so because Angee only has dialup internet, and I’m not sure that I will be patient enough to blog, but maybe we can find a coffee shop with free wifi, and in that case I will.

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