Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fishing with Uncle Jerry

Fishing with Uncle Jerry, originally uploaded by gemjlo.

We had a great time on our trip to Missouri. We brought Naz and Tekaija with and had many special moments with them. Although, by the end of the trip we had a few problems it was well worth it. I miss them now that they aren't with us anymore.
While in Missouri we went fishing, and little guy wanted to fish with uncle Jerry and it was really cute watching him try and fish with an adult pole(we didn't have a child sized one with us). In the end all he really wanted to do was cast and reel. It didn't matter if he had bait on or not. It makes me crave children of my own even more. There were so many moments where all TK and Naz wanted was to be held or cuddled by me, or wanted to show me something they found exciting. I can't wait for moments with my own kids like that.
I will tell you more about my trip when I have more time, but I felt like I should give you a little update!

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