Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Last night, I was sitting on the couch at 9:00pm when I realized that I hadn't thought about our adoption process all day. For so many days over the past year, it's been obsessively in my thoughts, so it was a weird realization to think that I hadn't mulled over an aspect of it all day. Daily, I check blogs of others who are waiting to adopt, or have already had their children placed with them. I went through that same routine yesterday, and not even then did I think about our process. I was curious to see what other people were up to. Weird that it didn't lead me to thoughts of children I might have.

I think today that I might send my SW a little e-mail to check on the status of our homestudy report. It has been a month since we finished up our interviews, so she should have had a chance to get started on our paperwork.

Last night we also got most of our travel reservations taken care of for our trip to New York and Boston that's right around the corner. It's strange to think that it's only a week away. I am looking forward to flying with my husband for the first time, and getting away from work for the first time since I started this job last August.

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