Friday, June 6, 2008

MeMe 6/6/2008

Meme 06-06-2008
I am: exhausted
I think: I could try harder at work
I know: I will be seeing The Hulk this weekend
I want: To not be sleepy
I hate: That my puppy isn’t housebroken yet
I miss: My childhood
I fear: losing my mind
I feel: overwhelmed with choices
I hear: air coming through the vents in the ceiling
I smell: my gum
I crave: anything sweet
I search for: inspiration
I regret: not doing things I want to because I’m shy
I love: my husband
I ache: mostly over my entire body
I care: about my family
I always: pray before I go to bed
I am not: skinny
I believe: in miracles
I sing: in the car with all the windows down
I cry: over stupid things
I fight: when things are frustrating
I win: when it doesn’t matter
I lose: when it does matter
I never: eat broccoli
I listen: to music a lot
I can usually be found: in my garden or on my couch
I am scared: of snakes, alligators, so you will never see me move down south
I need: an hour of peace and quiet after work each day
I am happy about: lots of things
I hope: to be a mommy soon

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