Thursday, September 23, 2010


Our little girl starts gymnastics lessons tonight.  She is extremely excited.  I told her on Monday as we were getting into the car after I picked her up at school.  She screamed so loud that everyone on the playground must have thought I was kidnapping her or something.  It's a good thing I had gotten out of the car and talked to her teacher before we left, so at least they would know I wasn't doing anything illegal.  In the car she couldn't hold still and was bouncing on the see.  Then she said something a bit disturbing.  "Hurry up and get home, I need to break something."  -huh?
So, it seems that she has a problem redirecting good energy/emotions as well as the bad emotions.  I helped her through it and offered her options to this excitement and need to break something.  She jumped around in the yard until she fell down and had to rest .
A little bit of disappointment, because she's coming down with a cold, but I am hoping she can still enjoy herself and is not feeling too bad  when I pick her up from school.


Jacky said...

Welcome back!! Its good to hear from you!!

mary said...
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Earl Girl said...

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I was drawn to your blog because of the foster care adoption heading. I am a 21 year old who is finishing up college this year and I plan to adopt from foster care soon after I get out of college and get my own place and job. I love children, and can't wait to give love to a child who needs it.

I just took up gymnastics at the old age of 21 at my college's recreational club. Tell your little one that gymnastics is a sport that you can enjoy for many years and it is so much fun!

roye said...

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