Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shower Prep

I started my morning off baking up some cupcakes for Sunni's baby shower this morning, and I just have to show them off. I am really proud of the way that they turned out.
I used light cocoa candy for the eyes and hair. I melted it and used a Wilton Candy bottle that I got from Micheals to make the shapes. I put them on waxed paper on top of cookie sheets. It worked really great. I think I will use that method again for other things. I bought the pacifiers that are in their mouths from Joann etc. They came in a bag of 24 which was perfect because that's how many cupcakes that I had. I did have to use pink ones though because I didn't want to spend another 10.00 just so they all were BOY colors.
After I was done with that I gathered everything I need to take with me tomorrow on the dining room table. I think I am now all set. I am really excited for the party. I hope that everyone will have a good time.


Torina said...

Those are SO cute!! You have talent, my friend :)

Gretchen Osowski said...

Thanks, I love to make things like that.