Thursday, January 8, 2009


Today was an aweful day. First, I wake up at 1:51am with a terrible headache. Then, I feel crappy enough that I stay home from work. I am dozing on the couch when the Director of my department at work calls with an HR lady to tell me that I have been laid-off. Great, there was no warning at all that they would be doing layoffs. I only get 2 weeks of severance and all the vacation I haven't yet taken. It's a bunch of crap. It's all because of the economy, they said. I am going to wallow for a day, then it's on to working on finding a new gig.


Torina said...

I am so sorry! That is awful!

Mermaid said...

Oh, I'm sorry! That is just terrible. I hope you find something new (and better!) very soon.