Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My 32nd Year in Review

Well, tomorrow I will turn 33 year old. I thought I would take a moment to recap the things that have happened this year. Initially, I couldn't think of much, but then I remembered we took a few trips this year that were great.

The first trip was to New York and Boston. It was an amazing adventure for Jerry and me. We got to see so many cool things. I also got to ride on a train, which I had never done before.
The next trip we took was to Missouri. Even though we do that every year, this year was we took Naz and Tekaija with and took a side trip to Kansas City. We went to a Cardinals game and a Royals game as well as visited the KC Zoo. It was a really great time.
The last trip we took was up to my dad's in Duluth. We stayed the weekend and went fishing and spent time with my brothers, which I don't get to do a lot.

Some other things that have happened this year are the addition of two family members. Little Brice was born a few weeks ago, and little Isryl will be coming any day now.

Some things that haven't changed are the fact that we don't have children yet and we still live in the same house which won't change until I have a job again.


Brenda said...

I hope great things happen before your next birthday!! : )

Gretchen Osowski said...

Thanks Brenda