Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Horrible Day

Today has been a horrid day so far. All my muscles are tied in knots, I feel sleepy, and I slept very poorly last night so I am exhausted. I wish we still had a membership to lifetime fitness, because I would be there sitting in the hot tub. My second wish would be to have a message therapist at my beckon call.

Enough complaining...I am very proud of myself because last night I walked uphill on my treadmill for 32 minutes. I worked up a good sweat. It felt good to do something physical other then cleaning my house. It's been so cold that doing excercise outside is out of the question these days. Anyway, the plan is to try and do it again tonight. I might help my muscle knots relax a bit.

I am also excited for dinner tonight because I made my crock pot beef and beans. It's really yummy. It will last us tonight and tomorrow. Then on Friday, I get to plan another whole week of dinners. I actually like it because the sky is the limit, I can choose to have whatever I feel like having. Obviously, I will try to make it healthy.

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