Monday, October 13, 2008

Little Elves

Little Elves, originally uploaded by gemjlo.

This weekend we had the little monsters over on Saturday night. We woke up yesterday and made a big breakfest. After breakfest we made sugar cookies and then decorated them. We had tons of fun. Little Guy came to us with some new words this weekend. First, we were on the way home from their house and he asked if we could go to Chucky Cheese, and my DH said not this weekend, and little guy's response was , "awe, that's so bogus."
Another new word, "Uncle". Little guy has finally started calling my husband Uncle. Previously, he wouldn't call him anything, or he would need to be prompted. He's so talkative. It's wonderful.
We also got the news on Friday night that their mom is going to have another boy. Sunni showed us the ultrasound pictures, and I think the new little guy has the same profile as little Naz. That's a great thing because he's such a cutie.
Good news for next weekend! We have tickets to the Circus, so we will get to see them again next weekend. Yay!

This weekend is going to be busy. We have to get back in to the SW for our reschedule, then on Wednesday night I have my second sleep study to see if they can figure out why I am not feeling better after starting CPAP. I will be in their offices all day on Thursday for additional test. I am not looking forward to it, but I am optomistic that they will be able to diagnos my sleepiness.

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