Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sleeping like a baby

Sleeping like a baby, originally uploaded by Chris Gin.

Tonight I have another sleep study. This means that I have to leave my house at 8:00pm, arrive at the office, ring the bell, and be brought into a room equipped with a bed, nightstand and TV. I then have to change into my pajamas that I don’t mind people to see and be hooked to all kinds of wires and instruments for measuring a handful of different things. This is all in preparation for Thursday where I will be instructed to take a nap which I will be awoken from after a few minutes when they have their data. This will happen about 5-6 times. This is all in an attempt to determine if my brain falls asleep correctly.
I have to go through this process because my CPAP is not helping me feel refreshed in the morning, even though I am now getting the restorative sleep that my body needs. If my brain is falling asleep correctly, I might have some other problem with my brain chemistry. If I have that, they will give me a medicine to stimulate my brain during the day. To me this doesn’t sound like fun, although it would be nice to not feel tired during the day.

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Sassy said...

I love that photo. The sleep study sounds pretty horrible though. I really hope you get a diagnoses though and it's one which can be fixed easily.