Tuesday, October 7, 2008

And Another Thing that Makes Me Unique

I went back to the sleep doc this morning for my checkup. I was looking forward to this visit because I am still receiving no relief even after religiously using my CPAP machine. I still need to take naps at lunch and I often feel too tired to do anything. Well, she wants me to come back for another overnight sleep study with a nap study all the next day. This will be taking place next Wednesday and Thursday. She will be looking for signs or narcolepsy. If that’s not discovered then I will be treated for Idiopathic Hyper somnolence This basically means that a person is excessively sleepy with out an identifiable cause. If this is the case I will be one of the 200,000 people that live with this. Good thing it can be treated with amphetamines, not. That makes me nervous. I could be a 32 year old on Ritalin.

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