Friday, October 10, 2008


gretchen, originally uploaded by gemjlo.

So, yesterday, I showed you the drawing of Prissy. Today, I am sharing with you a drawing of myself. I think it turned out fairly well, although my nose is a little big, and my eyebrows aren't as bushy as they are in real life.
The reason I have been drawing so much lately is because I read a post on Flickr the other day about drawing cartoons. I wanted to try it, and I don't even come close. I will continue to practice, but I am sure I will get bored and it will go by the wayside just like everything else I get all excited about. I have so many half completed projects around my house. If I were to finish some of them, I would have so much more storage room. I can't bare to through away all the fabric, paper, yarn, beads, paint, brushes, floss, etc. There's so much time and energy wrapped up in those things for me.
I guess that explains a little of my personality right? I start projects with a fuery, then when something doesn't go like I would like it, I drop it like a hot potato and then start something new. It's a good thing my realtionships aren't like that, or I wouldn't have any friends and family that would talk to me, huh?
I hope everyone has a good weekend. Enjoy the fall weather for those of you that have pretty fall colors to look at. I know that I will. I just hope it doesn't rain. I don't want to spend my weekend cleaning up muddy puppy paws.


Sassy said...

I love your drawings, I think both this one and the one of Miss Prissy are brilliant.

I must say, I'm the same with unfinished projects. I have a list that I must finish before I'll allow myself to enroll in a course I'd like to do. Otherwise I'll never finish any of them.

Gretchen Osowski said...

I should do that. No more projects until I finish one I have started.