Monday, March 2, 2009

Rest in Peace Trouble Ann Osowski

Trouble was born Nov 19, 1994 and came to live with Jerry's family 3 weeks later. At the time, I lived with Jerry's family too and also got a puppy from Trouble's litter. My puppy was Treena, and we lost her a few years ago. About 6 years ago Trouble came to live with us when Jerry's move moved somewhere she couldn't have dogs and has been with us ever since. She loved having the backyard to run around it. She also loved going to the cabin and playing in the water. She was so smart. Jerry's grandma taught her tons of tricks like her famous "bang bang your dead" where she would roll over on her back, legs in the air. She also taught her to say "I love you" by sneezing instead of barking. Of all my dogs she was the most laid back and easy going. She had one ear that was permanently stuck straight up since she was only months old.
Today started like any other day, and soon turned bad. 20 minutes after Jerry walked out the door, I went down to the kitchen and Tullah and Trouble followed me, but once Trouble got to the bottom of the stairs she couldn't walk with her back legs. I knew immediatly that I had to get her to the vet, that she wasn't going to "walk it off". For the past year or so, she has dragged her legs down the stairs instead of walking down them, but she usually starts walking when she gets to the bottom.
I was fortunate enough to get her into the vet right away. They looked her over and tried a few things, but the prognosis was not good. She has progressive nerve damage, and he didn't think that she would be able to walk on her own again. I called Jerry, and he came to the vet, and we put her to sleep. I never thought that my day would start like that.


Torina said...

I am so sorry for your loss.

Sassy said...

*hug* I'm thinking of you. She looks like a gorgeous dog.

Mermaid said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. Losing your baby is so hard, and I know how much you are hurting. ((hugs))

Tricia said...

OHHH I dred the day when I have to go through this with my pets. I am so sorry that you had to do this. Pets are just as loved as people and it hurts just as much to lose one