Monday, March 9, 2009

New Massage Chair

I thought I would take a picture of the new massage chair that the hubs bought me. It's my belated Christmas gift that I told you about a few posts ago. So far, I have used it a minimum of 2 times per day, but on the weekends we seem to have visitors over a lot. The chair has been in use at least 10 hours each day. Did I mention that I love it. Before I got laid off, my job offered a massage therepist on Tuesdays. All you had to do was sign up and pay her 30.00 for a half hour upper body message. What a great perk. I missed it terribly. Now I have a massage waiting for me anytime I want it. It's not like a cheesy pad that you put on a recliner and get vibrated to death. You can personalize it to pressure, height and placement of the heads. It's a wonderful gift and most of all, it looks like a normal chair for the most part! The hubs is really good to me.

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Tricia said...

i could SO use this today!!