Friday, March 6, 2009

Kidlets this weekend

The other day when I went to Target I walked past the area with flowers and noticed the fresh tulips. I found some that reminded me of my grandma, so i snatched them up. Once I got them in the vase they were so pretty I had to take a picture!

I am so excited because Naz, TK and the baby will be spending the night tonight. Mommy and daddy have a wedding to be at. Jerry is a bit nervous because the baby is coming too. He's not used to them, and he doesn't like that they wake up so much during the night. I am not really worried that much.

Let me just tell you that the weather today is beautiful! I even pulled out a chair from the garage and put it on the deck. I sat out there while I ate my lunch this afternoon. I think Tullah likes to have someone outside with her and I love being in the sun. I should have told Sunni to bring the bikes for the kids. They could have rode them around on my driveway which is totally free of ice and snow.

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