Thursday, March 12, 2009


Finally, I have an interview on Friday. I am very excited. It's for a company that represents vendors. I don't really know what kinds of products the vendors manufacture, but I am excited because I have some experience doing that type of thing.
It's nice to finally be moving along with the process.

I still haven't been contacted by my new Social Worker, but I have left a message for the supervisor, and will hopefully be contacted today. If not, I am going to start raising some hell.

Yesterday, was a very productive day. I did laundry, including my bedding, and cleaned my bedroom from top to bottom. It's so nice to have a nice clean space to relax in. I also repotted 3 plants and made some calls I had been putting off.

Today, the plan is to relax since I worked so hard yesterday.


Natalie said...

Congrats! That is exciting! Good luck on the interview!

Tricia said...

man I really NEED to clean my room!! Good luck with the interview!