Monday, March 16, 2009


A year after my husband and I were married Elisabeth moved in with us. She's my husband's niece and we took guardianship of her and her brother. Her mom has mental health issues and at the time she was not taking care of them with prescribed medication and some not so nice things happened.
I was excited to have a girl in the house to do things with. It didn't turn out like I had planned. After going through adoption training we learned a lot of things we could have done differently to help her and us through that rocky time. When she left our house it wasn't under the best circumstances, so when we see her now, there is alway tension between us.
Yesterday, we had a baby shower in the family, and I gave Elisabeth and her mom a ride because they don't have a car. We had a good time together, and for that I am really glad. We are finally getting to a better place.
Incidentally, Elisabeth is 7 months pregnant with a little boy that she will call Isaiah. It will be fun to see how she will change when she has a baby. I wish she would have waited a few more years, but at least she is 18 and she has graduated from high school.


Tricia said...

hopefully having a child of her own will teach her the love you had for her

Gretchen Osowski said...

I hope so.