Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Tonight we are going to pick up our new dog. We found him at the Human Society. We were going to bring him home last night, but when we decided to adopt him, there wasn't enough time left, so we put a HOLD on him and will pick him up tonight.
He is a 3 year old yellow lab mix and he;s a great boy. He's very friendly and energetic, and I am sure that he will get along well with Tullah. His name is Cody, but we aren't sure if we will change it or not. That's only been his name for 6 month, and before that he was a stray. He's already potty trained, and knows some things like Sit and Shake. I even got him to laydown with a treat.
I can't wait to pick up my new little boy. I will post pictures once we have him home. Today, I have the task of picking up a kennel, and some other odds and ends to get ready. Then once Jerry gets home we will go pick him up! I'm so excited.


Tricia said...

I can't wait to see pics =)

Sassy said...

How exciting! He sounds gorgeous.