Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I went Tubing...Can you believe that

This weekend was really fun. We went up to a friends cabin on Friday and Saturday. We didn't stay up there because it was only an hour from our home, and we didn't have anyone to take care of the dogs, but the trip was short so it was no big deal and we got to sleep in our own bed.

So, on the 4th of July I went tubing. And it didn't even hurt. I thought that when I woke up on Sunday morning I would be sore, but I really wasn't. I did have a really large bruise on my arm, but that wasn't from tubing. That was caused by my two left feet causing me to trip into the casing around the boat windshield. Figures, right, that I would get hurt inside the boat and not on the tube.

The fireworks were really great too, because we were on a lake and could see several displays going on off multiple shores, but the best were put on by the lake association with an honorable mention going to Don. He brought some with him to shoot off the shore.

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