Friday, July 31, 2009

Stupid Truck

Yesterday I had a date to meet my husband at a movie theater after work. I waited all day. He got preview tickets from work to go see Funny People and I was really looking forward to it. I decided that I would wait until 4:30, then go to the thrift store on the way. I wanted to look for mens dress shirts for cheap. I use them to make quilts and I have been needed some new ones for a while. Well, I looked around a while and found some I liked as well as a pair of shoes, ballet flats from the gap, and a cute shirt for myself. I paid at the register and happily went out to the truck. I looked at the time on my phone to make sure I hadn't wandered to long in the store. I had plenty of time to make it to the theater to meet Darling Husband. Putting the key in the ignition I, but not starting it, I situated my bag and purse on the seat next to me. Then, I turned the key. The truck whined and whined, but would not start. So, I wait a few minutes and tried again with the same result.
My night was shot. I called DH and he came and got me, then we went home for the tow rope to tow the truck home. We got back to the thirft store and tied the truck to the SUV and followed all the backroads to the car repair shop. Unfortunatly, we were about to turn into the parking lot of the shop and the tow roap broke. Ugh. The people behind me were upset because now they missed their turn light and gave me a glare on the way past. I guess the didn't see my hazard lights flashing the whole time. Anyway, Jerry was able to get a good knot in the rope to at least get us into the parking lot. Thank heavens.
Now, I am waiting to hear what the estimate to fix it will be. I think this is all my fault for jinxing us. Just the other day I was thinking how the truck has been really good and we haven't had many problems with it recently except for the rusty bumper, but that's to be expected after 11 Minnesota winters.
So, we missed the movie I had been waiting to see, and now we get to look forward to a repair bill.

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Tricia said...

awe that sucks!!! My hubby has an old truck that he refuses to part with because it is reliable....I'm just waiting for the day when I get a call to come pick him up lol