Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Review

This has been a busy weekend. On Friday I helped some friends move into thier first house. It's a cute little place, and they didn't have alot of stuff, so it was a cinch to move even though I was warn out at the end of it all. Darn arthritis of mine.
That night I went to sleep early. On Saturday we went to a housewarming party for someother friends of ours. They have a really great place by a popular lake in our area. It's a great starter home and even though it's older you would never know because of all the updates done by the previous owners. While I was there I got a stomach ache that I couldn't get rid of. So, the husband went to a birthday party that I was supposed to got to as well and I stayed home and read a book on my stomach. Thank goodness I was feeling better around midnight and was able to get some good rest last night.
Today, we are waiting for the kidlets to get here to visit for a bit, then it's off to watch the husband play softball. It's their last regular season game, and they need to win both games tonight to win the league championship outright. Exciting, exciting. After that we are off to a BBQ with some friends.
It's kind of a blessing that I don't work during the week, because at least I have time to recover from all the things going on during the weekends.

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