Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm Glad

Today I did a little bit of research and found out that I will be able to continue my unemployement. It's a relief to know that I can, however I hate relying on the state to bail me out. I have always thought poorly of those people that let the state or fedral government pay their way, but fortunatly I am not often unemployed and feel that I have paid a lot in taxes over the past 17 years of employement to deserve some help now.
I am waiting to hear back from the company that I had the interview with last week, I really am hoping that I get this job. Then I won't have to continue as I am now. It's a terrible feeling not having control over your finances. Jerry can support us both, but it would make life a less comfortable. Since I suffer from anxiety issues, I would rather have a bit more control over my life. Therefore, a job is a number one priority right now.
I am a bit glad that we don't have kids right now, because it would add to the stress of the situation. Although, it would be lovely to spend that summer with them going to the park and the beach and things like that.

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