Monday, May 19, 2008

This past weekend we spent some time on our boat fishing. Most of the day we didn't catch a darn thing, but toward the end of our trip we began to catch pan fish; Lots of Sunfish. It brought back wonderful memories I have from my childhood.
Just about every weekend as a child until a few years ago was spent at the cabin. I still remember the musty smell of the cabin as it was opened for the first time every spring and the crisp cold air as we closed up the cabin each fall.
So much of my happy childhood memories are from that place. I remember fishing on the dock with my grandpa using cane poles outfitted with only a bobber and a hook, climbing the red ladder onto the dock after swimming for hours until I was so exhausted I could barely eat dinner before falling into bed. I miss so much making a huge breakfast on Sunday morning and playing lawn jarts while we had peanuts and apple juice.
I can’t think of a time when I laughed, played, and felt more at peace then the time spent at our cabin. It’s was magical.
I want my kids to have this experience. I don’t care if it’s at home in the back yard, or daytrips we take as a family. I want them to experience this kind of “magic”.


Torina said...

Aaahh, our Tara loves fishing. We do too. Sunnies are so fun to catch aren't they?

buzz stephens said...

i am glad you had that time, i am sure you needed a space like that