Friday, May 9, 2008

Finally. Done.

Everything went off without a hitch! Our last meeting is done. The only thing she's waiting on before starting her report and approving us is a meeting with Andy, Jerry's friend that lives with us and his backround check. Whew! That makes me feel bunches of relief. We also decided that we are going to look at kids that are Legal Risk, meaning termination of parental rights has been granted, but is being appealed by one of the parents, etc. This will open us up to more children, and hopefully will get us matched sooner. Nothing wrong with that right? Our SW assures us that most contested termination of parental rights do not get overturned. She's only seen one and that's because the father was not served with his papers correctly.
Also, I gave into my DH's wishes and we put on our paperwork that we want 2 max. I don't want to talk him into something that he's not comfortable with, especially when it come to children.

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Glenna Marshall said...

How great to have things moving!! It's exciting, isn't it?!