Friday, May 9, 2008

Just an hour to go before our scheduled last homestudy interview, and I am very excited. Jerry and I went through the survey again about the types of children we could parent. Some of the questions that they ask are really hard to answer out of context, like:
Would you be willing to parent a child that's aggressive?
Well, what do you mean by aggressive?
Would you be willing to parent a child that had a low birthweight?
Well, what kind of effect did it have on the child?

What good do they think this survey is going to do? Most of the questions we answered "Would Consider". So, basically, show us everything, we will read the files and decide if we fit with them. The only things we said we didn't want is a child who abuses animals, since we have 4, or a child that sexually abuses other children, as we have many children in our neighborhood and nieces and nephews to protect.

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Sassy said...

Awesome! I hope it goes well for you guys.