Monday, March 15, 2010

Well, this weekend our little girl turned 9-years-old. It was a very busy two days. I am pretty sure that she enjoyed most of it and she got a lot of really great gifts. I think that some of her favorites were her bike, some new DS games, sleeping bag, and clothes.

On Saturday we took 8 kids including LG to Chuck E Cheese for a fun filled time with pizza, cake, presents, and games. I am very appreciative to the other adults that were there to help keep track of kids, tokens, tickets, and valuables. As I expected the place was a ZOO of wild children. It was incredibly hard to walk around, but I did manage to get some great pictures, as well as tickets to help LG get what she wanted from the prize counter. I think she had a few problems balancing her time and attention with all her friends, and I had to remind her several times to say thank you when opening gifts. I know that she likes to be the center of attention, but she’s not very gracious, but I suppose she will need to learn that.

On Sunday we had 30ish people to our house for. OMG. I was afraid that we wouldn’t have enough food, but that wasn’t a problem, I always worry for nothing. While she was opening her gifts she would read the card, and then ask who the gift was from even though she had just read the card. It really annoyed me, because it came across as not appreciative. I know that she was probably nervous and everyone probably understands, but it still felt bad.

After all the presents were opened all LG wanted to do was ride her new bike. She had never ridden a bike before, so my brothers took her to the park on her bike. She was still having trouble when she got back, so I got out there and helped her out. After that everyone took turns running behind her, but we didn’t have to do it too long, because she got the hang of it pretty fast. After everyone left I sat outside watching her ride up and down the block until the sun went down. It amazes me how fast she learns to do something. She defiantly has the determination to learn something once she decides she wants to.

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