Thursday, March 18, 2010

Court Filing #

We got our paperwork back from the courts with our filing number of our petition for adoption of LG. I opened it while she was doing her homework. She asked what it was, so I told her, and said something like,"isn't this exciting?" She said, "not for me." I forget that she doesn't have the same feelings about being adopted that we have about adopting her.
Another thing that happened yesterday, she asked if she could eat outside because a friend was waiting for her to get done so they could ride bikes. I said, "no". She asked what the reason was and I told her that I don't have to have a reason. I could have told her that I didn't think it was polite to eat in front of her friend that wasn't eating and I was also afraid of losing my silverware, or the dishes breaking. She's a very clumsy girl. I want her to understand that she needs to do things because I tell her to. She needs to respect me, and I feel like I get very little, especially when she has friends around.
Needless to say she still had the attitude when it was time to come in for the night, and she gave that attitude to Jerry, who promply took her bike away for a week. It wasn't only the attitude, it also had to do with some other factors, but I wish she could learn without losing out on things she enjoys, but maybe that's what it will take.

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