Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas and Kids

I received my Zero Child Waiting news letter this weekend. It’s a news letter that gets sent out monthly and contains things relating to adoption through foster care etc. I didn’t realize that there are more then 600 kids in foster care right now. There are only 100 or so on the online listing site that I look at once a week: It gets me curious what other kids are out there that could be ours some day. I know that I have likened it to having a baby before, because you don’t know what you will get. We don’t know if we will get a boy and a girl, or two girls, or two boys. We just don’t know, but the reality is, that we won’t know beyond gender just what we get either. At least with a birth child you know where they come from, and what genetically they could get from you or your husband. I feel like I am putting a lot of trust into the almighty that he will choose for us wisely.
I am letting myself start believing that this will be our last Christmas that we celebrate alone. I am keeping it light though, because I know all to well that things could change in a heartbeat, but I am getting a wee bit excited for it.
This weekend our niece and nephew will be coming over on Saturday. I think Jerry and I have plans to take them to the $ store to get some small things for their parents and grandparents. Then on Sunday my sisters, my niece and I are going to the Nutcracker and my nephew will be spending some quality time with Uncle Jerry. It should be nice. Then, next week is the big week!


Torina said...

I meant to comment on the last post but got distracted by something shiny :) Have y'all been getting any referrals while you wait? Even ones that you might not have felt were a match?

Gretchen Osowski said...

Nope, she hasn't given us any referrals at all. I have been disappointed with her a lot during this process. Either she's got too much work, or she's a bit on the scatterbrained side.

Torina said...

Your homestudy was done in October right? There are over 600 kids without homes identified at the moment in MN. If I were you, I would do friendly little check in phone calls and emails at least once a week. Plus, you can start inquiring about kids on MARN and AdoptUsKids. Also, check out Claudia who works for AdoptAmericaNetwork (AAN) at If you email her, she will put you on her list of people to email with referrals. She is located in southern MN and serves that region. We started getting referrals as soon as we heard we were finalized. Not all of them were suitable matches but there were quite a few that we pursued. I think we pursued over 20+ kids before we met Tara. Go get em, girl!