Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Tuesday is here and I got a good call this morning. Turns out that even though I was over qualified for a job that I interviewed for a few weeks ago, they liked me and called me back today with another position that they think I will be good at. It's a temp to permanent position that will pay nearly what I was making at my previous job. I am a bit nervous about it because it's a temp to perm position, but I am still hoping that my discussion with them this afternoon goes well and I could be back to work soon. I need some mental stimulation although, I am thankful that I got to be home during the time that LG was getting settled in our home.

Speaking of Little Girl...I finally got her out of the house on time this morning. She's usually running a bit late every day. She's never late for the bell, but I want her to have a few minutes before the bell to mentally prepare for the day. I know that it helps me.

This week I will turn 34. Is that considered mid-thirties. I couldn't be that old yet? Boy time has gone by so fast. LG thinks that I am too old and that she would like to have young parents like her mom who is 28. I explained to her that age is not a good determination about what a good parent will be and that 34 is still pretty young. Kids...

This morning LG and I were talking over cereal and she asked me why I didn't have my own children. I told her that Jerry and I can't have our own kids. She pondered that a bit and asked, "so you wanted me?". I said yes, but then she said,"so you took me away from my family." I had to explain to her that I didn't take her away from her family, that someone else did because she wasn't being treated very good and that we wanted to give her a permanent home and love her. It make me wonder how she comes to some ideas and what misconceptions that she has about what has happened to her during her fostercare journey.

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