Monday, January 25, 2010

My sisters and I have all blown out our birthday candles. That's how I know that January is coming to a close. It's fun having all our birthdays come within weeks of eachother. My littlest sister's is on Jan 2nd. Then comes Melanie on January 14, and mine on the 22nd. None of my brothers were born in January. Isn't it weird that all of us girls were born in the same month?
My birthday was good this year. It was fun that LG was here to share it with me. Jerry's mom, my sister, and our old roommate came over to celebrate too. We had lasagna, garlic bread, salad, and ice cream cake. I opened my presents and we played the Wii Trivia game that I got. It was pretty fun. LG had a friend from school overnight and they were good. So, all in all I had a good time.
Yesterday we had a birthday to celebrate for one of our nephew's kids Ana. She turned 3 this year. It's amazing to think that Josh, our nephew, has a child that is 3 already. After that we came home and had people over to watch the Vikings lose a heartbreaker.

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