Monday, January 18, 2010

I made it back within a week

I made it back and it's not even Tuesday yet. This weekend was really great. Friday night we had dinner at my sisters for her birthday. She lives in an apartment with and indoor pool and sauna and we all went swimming. It's the first time I saw LG swim. She does pretty well, but she's afraid to float. My mom had her floating for a bit with her arms underneath her, but she didn't want to do it herself.

Then, on Saturday we picked up Naz and Tekaija. It's the first time they have been over since before Christmas. It was fun having them over. On Sunday after the Vikings game we took the kids to the Snow Tubing Hill over by our house. We had a great time. There is an escalator that brings you back to the top of the hill from the bottom. It made for a more relaxing adventure.

Today we all woke up and had breakfast, played Wii, and went to the park. Then we brought the kids home and LG and I made popcorn and watched Happy Feet. That's the first movie that she has wanted to watch with me or Jerry. She watches alot in the car, but never wants to watch at home.

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