Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to Normal

This morning I got my little girl all ready for school and she walked all by herself today. I stood in the doorway of the garage as she walked bravely down the street. Every 20 feet or so she turn to see me still there and waved to me. It was a bit nerve racking to see her go off all alone, but I know that she's one smart little cookie and she can handle it. She doesn't have to remember any directions to the school, since it's strait down the block, and that was a bit of a comfort.

We are starting to see her real personality come out these past few days. Shes a very intense little girl. She seems to feel embaressed when she doesn't know something that she thinks that she should. She's also very independent and wants to do everything herself. That includes her hair, her nails, picking out clothes, cooking, and other things. It seems that she's a very parentified little girl. She really likes to have control. I like to give her options because it makes her feel a bit better, but I am trying to only do that when it doesn't cause extra work or expense to me.

It's great that she finally warming up to Jerry and playing with him. It makes me feel really good that they are finally doing things together and creating their own relationship. Little girl told me yesterday that she likes having me around. The feeling is mutual.

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Tricia said...

wonderful things are going good!!