Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Recap

Camping with the kiddos was fun. We told ghost stories. I think mine was the least scary of them all. For some reason these kids like all the violent killing etc that kids these days are subjected to on TV. Anyway, my niece suggested that after each person was done that we should say something nice about the story they just heard. I don't know where she gets this stuff, but it was really cute of her to make the suggestion.

The night was pretty warm and I didn't even cover myself up in my sleeping bag. The kids did, however because they don't like bugs and dirt. I didn't care because 1-the sleeping bags were just cleaned 2- I know that these things won't hurt me and will either just wash up or crawl away.

I even had the 4 month old out there with us. He slept just fine when the older children weren't waking him up. He's a natural camper. One of these days we will have to take them all to an actual campground to camp since they did so well in the back yard.

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