Monday, June 1, 2009

Boy have I been busy

My nephew Josh has been over every day for the past week or so helping me put in a patio in our back yard working off some money that he borrowed. Today we should finish the project and I will share some pictures with you so you can see what I have been doing instead of blogging, sorry.

Over the weekend I found some kids on the mnadopt site. I can't wait until 9:30am to give my worker a call to see if I can get some more information on them. So far all I know is that it's 2 girls and a boy ages 5,3,1 with the boy being the oldest of the three. The descriptions on the site are always the same kind of thing and I want the nitty gritty. I asked Jerry if he was interested and he said that he wanted to know more, then followed it up with 3 is a lot of children. Before I was married I talked to a psychic who told me that I would have 3 children. Maybe it's just ment to me that way for us. Not that I hold much weight on what a psychic says, but it would be a happy coincidence.

Off to work... I will try to blog tomorrow with the completed patio pictures!

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