Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nothing Yet

We have still not heard anything about the sibling groups that we requested information on other then our homestudy has been submitted to their SWs. I have been told that once your homestudy has been submitted it could take a month to get anything back. I wish that this would go faster. My mother-in-law jokes that I have had the longest pregnancy on earth. I would agree with that.
Yesterday my niece Elisabeth brought her 2 week old baby Isaiah over. He's so sweet. He slept the whole time that he was here, but at least I got to snuggle with him while he was sleeping. It's great to see Elisabeth so grown up. The way that she is with the baby is really great to see.
This weekend Jerry and I are taking a trip to Chicago with 11 friends to see the Twins play the Cubs at Wrigley field. I am really excited, it should be a great time. It's been 7 or 8 years since we saw a game at Wrigley, but the first time to see the Twins play there.

Go Twins!

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Tricia said...

the wait is the worst! I hope you hear something soon!